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We Are Living in an Integral Global Country

Welcome to the site of unity

This is not my native language but I do not care if write wrong words the only thing I care is that everyone will feel the unity and happiness

My purpose is to Unite people of all kinds that different outside but not inside

I am from Israel and have a lot of friends all over the world all nations and countries

There is one thing that unites all — We are all want the light feeling

The main problem is that to feel this light we must unite.

This is the law that exists like electricity.

I can not approve it, we can only feel it.


I decided to write when can about the unity and why it’s important

Of course, will make a lot of spelling mistakes and it sounds like gibberish but I know a lot of people who writing amazing but all is just a lie

You choose what to read the lies which written in nice language or truth as it is

The truth is that Unity is Must have and not just a nice to have sometime

Its simply because we can`t enjoy ourselves alone in the same way compared to how we can enjoy ourselves together

for example why we are going to concerts or dance places ?

We can stay alone at home and enjoy the music in headphones at the loudest volume!

But no ! we are buying a ticket, wasting time for preparation meeting people that never want to see and a lot of not comfort things until reaching the entrance gate to the show

But when we are in and start enjoying the show then forgot about all not comfort things

Why its happen? Why do we need other people around us that we know and that we don’t know, to hear with us together with the music or dance?

It’s Simple but no one sees it! Because We Are Just Part of ONE !

This ONE was separated into unlimited quantity “independent” persons that want to enjoy themselves alone

That’s the nature of how we made it and has nothing to do with it!

We are all egoists from the day we are born!

This Shit was separated to all of us, someone gets more and someone gets less, but we are all built from the same egoistic shit!

Yes, the Ego is Shit! BUT we should say thanks for this Shit because it allows us to grow and without the ego, we never discovered the power of unlimited Joy

It’s Like Example What tv we had in the 60`s – it was a black-white small box (small ego) today we have 4K TV 85″ and 3d View – Where do we enjoy the TV small box or big Full-color flat view?

In same way we are looking on this word as the Ego is bigger you can enjoy and see the life picture more detailed and the joyfully more detailed

This is the purpose of creation to Extend our Ego as Possible To enjoy No Limit

But the problem is that we should to know how to enjoy which is the most important and we should give 100% focus how we are enjoying for any thing

Our nature is to enjoy for our self for example its like a capacitor when we enjoy for our self we fill the capacitor and when no place than we fill empty ,much more empty than in fill process

What the solution and the goal of the creation ?

We should enjoy not for our selves but for others

Then we never will be filled and always will want to fill others with the joy and feel happiness that other feel and also no limit joyfully

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