love your neighbor before your neighbor will Love you

Maybe it sounds funny for a moment but in everyday life it is not at all funny these are very sad

This statement is the everyday reality of the whole world 24/7 365 days all the years including today

From the moment a person gets up in the morning he starts to take care of himself and serve himself and in the best reading he serves his family

And everything outside of it gets instant status – an enemy that interferes with enjoyment and progress

And if not all those around can be violent then use them for egotistical purposes

I have to make it clear to myself – there is no claim to anyone and not even to myself in a thousand percent

I’m just pointing out the fact that we’re all from the moment we’ve reached this world – 100% egoistic

Anyone who does not agree can go to the manufacturer to ask why he did so – not sure he will get an answer and if so then he will not change the fact

That we each take care of a given material that we can work with and not delete

% We must not suppress these egos to put it at 100

A change needs to be made in relation to how we fill the individual or united ego

Now the main question: Do we absolutely enjoy every day?

Are we happy every moment?

And here I come to the crucial question for all of humanity

Is it possible to enjoy the same way alone compared to having fun together !?

Alone it is a small and closed vessel like a square and can be filled to the brim

But what will she read then?

The more words, the more empty it becomes – this is a fact of life and of everyday life

Everyone feels it openly or subconsciously that there is nothing so much to enjoy alone

It’s already checked. Simply out of nowhere continue to play by the same rules

There is always a choice for both the individual and everyone

If one door closes then the other opens

Alone selfishly to live and enjoy it has been past and boring

Let’s move on to the future where we enjoy together and live in mutual help and sharing just so we can truly enjoy.

Let us first reach this very important level and then heaven will open up for us

There is a purpose here: to survive and really enjoy without limit

There are no words to describe what pleasures we can feel from the simple things every day if only a change is made in the mind towards others

Because we all like paratroopers came to this world with one goal

Turn our nature into

Love your neighbor as yourself

Published by Don Leon

Simple Person

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