There is only one virus we need to destroy

The whole world is asking when this virus will go away !!!???

When can we return to our routine life?

And the answer is – never !!!

And that is very good !

Because in our day-to-day life, we were on a safe path to self-destruction

All the conflicting countries are approaching a third and final world war for humanity

Crisis on all levels: across countries, in economics, in education, in the family and especially in our relationship

Group of Students Studying About Global Issues

If we do not put our heads in the sand and look at the overall cut – the crisis is only in our relationship

And everyone else is out of it

So what’s the solution?

Always a solution to every small or huge problem is found at the root of the problem

Once the face is well understood the root of the problem is a bad connection virus between us

Then we realize that a good and beautiful bond between us can destroy all evil and easy

All of life we are looking for a filler but the true filler has been in a good relationship between us of influence and giving so you can reach infinite fulfillment and it is not talk or dream – it is a fact

Published by Don Leon

Simple Person

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