Corona Virus Why NOW ?

Today Coronavirus is catching all over the world
There is no state and no city that does not exist
Schools and kindergartens close
Non-essential businesses for sustaining closure
The people refrain from gathering together
The people avoid being 2 meters away from each other
Store shelves are depleted because of the panic of uncertainty
No one knows what tomorrow will be

After all, the question is asked
is it good or bad?
Everyone will say it’s probably bad when people are sick and die, everyone is losing money, and he will be 100% correct

But if we rise above it and look at what is happening globally to one humanity and one planet then we will see that there is a stop warning sign here! From nature
A red traffic light that stops! And think about where you run
Probably every detail thought that this whole world was fucked up from the ground up:
Everyday relations between countries are getting worse
The great powers with deadly weapons simply mention the word “war”
And even intimidating one another, what once they were even afraid to think today is openly spoken
Not only the relations between the countries we also see the simple relations between people and even in the family is not good for what was 20 or 30 years ago.
There is no need to elaborate enough to open up news anywhere in the world
We are no longer each one of his people and his country, we are a global people
We are already in the integral law but the systems in every respect are stuck in the age of 200 years ago
Who needs the peoples and the divisions of states – only those who want to rule by a well-known proverb “divide and rule”
It is very useful to internalize and understand this so that we know what to do next and what the options are
To be continued …….

Published by Don Leon

Simple Person

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